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Welcome, darlings!!!  So glad you could join us.  Please take note of the lovely pink decor, our homage to the Tackiest Bride of all, Trista.  Isn't the pink WONDERFUL???  And darlings, please do not adjust your screen to eliminate the blinking.  There are plenty more blinkies to come!  After all, what would a tribute to tackiness be without one of the most annoying bio additions to ever be conceived?  The blinkie!

Allow us to introduce ourselves, though we need no introduction.  We are Hotcha and *ChaCha*, the Fabulous Fashionistas of the Knot.  We have take it upon ourselves to provide this public service to our fellow Knotties.  We have hunted high and low, and with the help of some very special friends, are now able to present to you, our dear Knotties, the most fascinating and frightening collection of the spectacularly ugly, the truly tasteless and the "What the hell were they thinking?"

Please, do not come crying to us if you see something of yours here.  We do not mean to embarrass you - we do not name names or reveal our sources.  Unless you claim responsibility for your disaster, no one will know you have committed a sin against good taste and you can quietly sweep your misfortune under the proverbial carpet.  Most faces have been obscured to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.  We can do no more than that, as it is imperative that other brides learn from the faux pas of their predecessors.  If we can save just one bride from such a social gaffe, we have done our job.

We, however, would be remiss if we did not give credit where credit is due.  All of this would not be possible if not for the tireless dedication to tackiness shouldered by one Knottie..... 2Cool4U.  She is our source, our inspiration, our mentor.  She was the one that brought the idea to the boards and showed us the way.  This bio is dedicated to her.

Without further adieu, we bid to welcome.... welcome ladies, to the....



  • Fashion Disasters: From the somewhat overdone to the truly heinous, Fashion Disasters abound on the Knot.  Here are some of the finest examples of hideous gowns, horrifying hair, and accessories that should never see the light of day.
    LAST UPDATED: 12/17/03
  • Cringe-worthy Cakes & Toppers: Not for the faint of heart... or weak of stomach.  Proving once again that good taste may be in the palate of the beholder, but not necessarily the eye.
    LAST UPDATED: 12/17/03

  • Deadly Decorations: Some are centerpieces that should have been scrapped.  Others are flower arrangements capable of taking out an eye - or making you wish they would, so at least you'd be spared the sight of them.  Real flower bouquets that have sinned against nature, and silk ones of no flower found in nature.  There's enough bad stuff here to make even the guests run screaming for the exits.
    LAST UPDATED: 12/17/03
  • Gallery of Gifts: What better way to say THANK YOU to those who have gone the extra mile to make your day special than some of the most ridiculous gifts?  And that's not all!  Knotties, if you have been the recipient of a truly off the wall gift, please let us know!  We will post it here in the Gallery of Gifts, the gifts that have not just stopped giving, but have in fact, crawled into a ditch to die a slow and painful death.

  • Scary Stationary: Cheesy, tacky, strange and just plain wrong, Scary Stationary covers it all.  STDs you wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, invites sure to send your friends and family into gales of giggles, and thank yous that say it all.... and then some.
    LAST UPDATED: 12/17/03

  • Generally Funny: If we couldn't classify it somewhere else, you'll find it here.  Hilarious make up mug shots, reception moments you'd rather forget captured for posterity and pictures you have to see to believe are just some of the fabulous finds that have tickled our funny bones.
    LAST UPDATED: 12/17/03