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Hotcha and I thought we'd vamp it up a little to celebrate this delicious slice of bad taste and decorations gone wrong.  We've got it all right here... do enjoy yourselves.  Oh, and our apologies to Martha S.  There are some NOT so "good things" here.  Cheers!

- *ChaCha*


    Deadly Decorations      


   Bizarre Centerpieces 


   Funky Favors  

   Little Flower Shoppe of Horrors  




Deadly Decorations

We hope the favors at this wedding include packets of tissues and allergy medicine.

Whatever it is, it's just wrong.

From the moment guests arrive, it's evident that this bride has no taste.

One might suggest this is a real pair of airheads.


Oh look.  We're all ready for the prom!


This is just before their mommies and daddies tied their balloons to their wrists so they wouldn't float away.

Finding herself short on cash, this bride assigned the task of decorating to a first grade class.  It's amazing what you can do with some construction paper and Elmer's Glue.

Well, it certainly makes a statement.... 

This wedding was held in an elementary school auditorium


Even Greased Lightening could not make this pillow cool.

Forget the kid loosing the rings.  
I think the pillow ate them.

Not sure what the point of this is, but they're damned ugly. 

Like a pair of gold lamé shoes, this too is tacky. 

Molotov Cocktail, anyone? 



This gives whole new meaning to 
"Till Death Do Us Part."

Someone is going to get it for this....

There are indeed people who will decorate their reception with gaudy painted skulls.

Some poor flowergirl is going to be forced to carry this monstrosity.

One Knottie claims this is a pew decoration.



Bizarre Centerpieces


First, you smush a balloon. Then you put a fish bowl on it. TADA!! A centerpiece!

The Original God Awful Gumball Centerpiece

No. Just no.


Please be sure your reception site has "poked out eye" coverage on their insurance.

Believe it or not, this is a centerpiece.

What did these silk flowers ever do to deserve this?

Look what you can do with flowers
from the grocery store

I suppose someone thought this was artistic.

YAY!!  The Mad Christmas Chicken has paid us a visit and laid a whole bunch of ornaments!

These aren't bad... for a funeral home.

If you're going big and tacky, 
might as well go all the way.

I'm confused just looking at it. 

This centerpiece combines the worst of everything we've seen so far.

If you've always wondered what they did with those big cheesy wine glasses, now you know.

Yes, there is seriously someone selling this on eBay as a centerpiece.  It's Acid Trip Barbie. 

Barbie as the Ghost of Weddings Past 


Somewhere, somehow, a gardener took a wrong turn. A VERY wrong turn.

I can barely hear the ocean over the screamingly poor taste here.

Why do people insist on doing this?




Funky Favors


Cheap, ugly, tacky and STUPID!





Little Flower Shoppe of Horrors

Someone should beat the crap out of this florist.

Flower Ball of DEATH!!!

White silk carnations are bad enough, but those roses in there....not a good call.

Where do they get the notion this is a good idea?

Again, we ask WHY?

Flower Fungus!




This one appears to be toxic.

Mini Bouquet for the tiny bride.

Have to keep those flowers in line.


Silks again!  How.... cheesy.

Here comes the bouquet.... I mean bride.

Finally!  Someone is going to slap this bride!

Never carry a bouquet bigger than your head

It's like they ran through the silk department grabbing whatever they could.

Variation on flowers sprouting from the dress.  This is flowers sprouting from the bride herself.

They look like demented cheerleaders

Hotcha says, "Here.  Have some hideous flowers."

This bride is hoping the bizarre bouquet distracts attention from her shredded wedding gown.

The latest rage - a giant flowering carrot.


These are unsightly

Flowers with tentacles are just scary.

"B" is for BAD idea!

Funeral parlor decor

One CREEY corsage

Let's round up all the crap floating in the pool and call it a decoration.


What the hell is this?  Another flowering carrot?

Again with the fungus-y flowers

Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD

Once again, we haven't a clue

Hanging Flower Balls of Death

Borrowed from the Funeral Home next door.

We call this one Calla Confusion




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