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Won't you join us as we explore the world
 of Fashion Emergencies?

   Bad Hair Days      Fashion Disasters     Accessory Hell  

This page was last updated on 12/17/03


Bad Hair Days

This bride has French Toast on the brain... literally.  Challah bread anyone?

Just because those Mardi Gras beads are hanging around gathering dust doesn't mean they'd make good decorations for your head.

One should choose a hairstyle that compliments one's features, not spites them.

Go ahead.  Piss off a bridesmaid. 

There are just so many wrong things here, we don't even know where to begin. 

After the ceremony, this bride released a flock of doves from the nest on her head. 

Young Einstein here thought it would save space in his luggage if he didn't bring a hair dryer.  After all, a bobby pin in an electrical socket works just as well. 

*ChaCha*'s Tip: It's a good idea to look in the mirror at least once on your wedding day.  These poor people could have been saved had they only glanced at their reflection!




Fashion Disasters

   A Word from *ChaCha* & Hotcha

Please note that some of these gowns have been spotted in Knottie Bios, 
others have been found on a variety of wedding gown websites.
  We assure you, these are all indeed genuine wedding gowns....


Is she the Bride or the Flower Girl? 

SUPER BRIDE!!!  Up, Up, and AWAY!!

Get more mileage out of your centerpieces - wear them on your head for the ceremony. 

This... this just doesn't even look right. 

Maybe if you plan to tango down the aisle...

You'd look this pissed too if this is what you saw in the mirror on your wedding day. 

Little Bo Peep - lost her mind!

Why not recycle your prom dress
 into a wedding gown?

My grandmother used to have a pair of lamps
 that looked kind of like this.

Well, when she sets herself on fire with the unity candle, she'll have learned a valuable lesson.

THAR she blows!!! 

This bride was trying to distract attention from her noose collar by dressing her mom in the same color. 

Having been poured into her too tight dress, this poor bride can no longer breathe.  Even her breasts are looking for an escape hatch.

Interesting concept.  
A seamstress would have helped.

You know, if it wasn't for the red, this dress would look less like a circus and more like a wedding.


Put them back in the box.
Let them die in peace. 

Hooker Shoes!

Ummmm..... cute?

Take some lovely holiday ribbon and wrap it around your shoes.

Orthopedic Shoes!

These boots were made for SHAGGIN, baby! 


What was left after the dog was done chewing.

Disco Diva Bride! 

Call me Zsa Zsa! 


AH, the fashion wisdom of Jessica Simpson. 

Boy, is her new husband going to be shocked when he finds his blushing bride sporting a pair of GRANNY PANTIES!!!! 

Yes, some Knottie did have this in her bio.
No, we are not making that up. 

This bride chose a lovely tablecloth to off set the branches sprouting from her head. 


This crafty BM recycled her grandpa's golf pants into a dress.

This re-defines, "If you've got it, flaunt it." 


Some way, some how, these girls are going to make their friend PAY for putting them in shocking orange dresses.  Especially the girl with the big white platform shoes. 

Not only can this fashionable aluminum foil dress repel alien mind control rays, it also messes up tv reception for MILES! 

Horizontal stripes are going to make this poor flowergirl look like a layer cake. 

If you have to torture anyone with bad fashion,
 go after the defenseless little flowergirl.

Even she doesn't think it's cute.

You'll be lucky if this flower girl doesn't 
dump rose petals on your head! 

Look, it's the Madame for the Baby Brothel. 


That's the MOB in the middle, in the GOLD pantsuit.
Boy, do we have a pair of shoes for HER!!

Why should the Bride be the only fashion disaster?


Here's a groom that was allowed to pick his tux all by himself.  Even the people at the shop laughed. 

Batteries are extra for this "dazzling" suit. 

No self respecting man would be caught dead
 in this get up. 

Sporting the latest in Pimp Daddy attire. 




Accessory Hell


Attention K-Mart Shoppers! 

In this case, less is more - more crap. 

How corny.

Don't kid yourself.  This is a promise ring, not an engagement ring.

A heart shaped diamond.  How interesting. 


Swiss?  Cheddar?  Brie?  This ring?  
It's all cheese to us. 

This is just NOT a good picture of a ring.
Take it out of your bio. 

A high school ring gets another shot at glory
- this time as an engagement ring. 

Why?  Why would you do this to a piece of metal? 

Bet this bride won't have to worry about losing her ring.  It's going to have to be SURGICALLY removed. 

WOW.  Gaudy is an understatement....

But wait, there's more.... 

And this my friends, is what the look like together. 

Here's something you don't see every day.
And she claims this ring is REAL. 


This is a COCKTAIL ring, and a bad one at that. 

Uhhhhhh..... sure.  If YOU like it.



What a Dominatrix might wear to her wedding

The accessory that no bride should be without
- the Pearl Harness.

Yes, that is a camo ribbon and a DEER HEAD on a garter. 


Killer Tiara 

This is the tiara the dog ate.  And puked back up. 

Great.  Someone torched her tiara. 

The point of this is????

Cranberry Queen?



Fun with paper clips and beads.

Is it sushi?  Is it an accessory?  
What the hell is it? 

Again, not really sure what this is. 

Well, untangling these from the bride's veil should be exciting for everyone!

Miss Universe gets married.

This ranks high on Hotcha's Don't List

After the wedding, the bride and groom will be hanging these on the front door to ward off evil spirits.




Zees is très classy, no? 


Does this purse tickle your fancy?

How about this one? 

This one is on the endangered species list.

Some poor bird died for this.










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