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In honor of BY FAR the tackiest STD we've come across, ChaCha and I have dressed up in these FABULOUS bodice ripper dresses, complete with miles of crinoline.  We have some real beauties to share with you, but please, do try to contain yourselves.

- Hotcha

  Save the Dates  (STDs)     

    Bridesmaid Cards    


   Thank You Notes  

This page last updated 12/17/03


Save The Dates (STDs)


Some couples might think half naked romance novel characters
in the midst of some afternoon delight is a good idea.  
Those with good taste do not.



This STD idea just STINKS! 

Corny.  Especially the Hairy Guy Legs.  Ewwww! 



Bridesmaid Cards

What is this world coming to when grown women can't ask other women to stand up for their MARRIAGE without resorting to a silly cartoon card?



Invitations - Wedding and Otherwise 

Honestly, a marriage between adults should not be symbolized by children, particularly CUTESY CARTOON DRAWINGS OF CHILDREN. 

Is this really as cheap, cheesy and tacky as it looks, or am I simply imagining things? 

Beauty and the Beast - nice sentiment.  
Self involved bride, whipped groom - 
how can you go wrong? 

Cinderella.  I remember her well. 

People will laugh at you.  You deserve it. 

In this family, they'll both be wearing the skirt. 

No.  Gold foil Mickey Mouse is NOT classy. 

Subtle, a little more artsy.  
Still asinine though. 

Didn't we have this discussion already?  The answer is STILL no! 
Grown women, and the idiot men that go along with them, deserve a special kind of hell for ordering Disney invites, especially Mickey Mouse ones.  Grow up already - you're getting married.  Time to ditch the cartoon characters and act like a responsible adult.


Back to the kid thing again... this time with the disgustingly overdone "Today I Marry my Best Friend" sentiment. 

Nice.  Very cheap - and looks it too. 



Thank You Notes 


Cheesy, tacky and generally a bad idea.  She looks like she's wearing a curtain, he looks like he just got out of clown school. 

A little class never killed anybody.  
We hope this ridiculousness concluded their picture taking for the evening. 





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